Tuesday, August 10, 2010
sorry Singapore!!! i did not celebrate your birthday but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! instead i went on a road trip to Malaysia with mummy and my grandparents. mummy was in charge of driving while i was in charge of SLEEPING!!! it was a long way so i was quite bored on the way.
halfway into our journey, we stopped to go to the toilet and have a quick snack -- A&W waffle!!! after that, i slept till we reached genting. heehee.. well.... i was tired and it was a long way up to genting. the temperature got colder and colder so i started putting on my jacket. did i tell you that we waited 3 hours for the hotel room?! i was bored to death.

finally, we checked in. we left our stuff in the room and went for dinner. we ate a big bowl of noodles each. after the wonderful dinner, we went back to our room while my grandparents went to the casino to try out their luck... keke...
the next day, mummy brought me to the theme park again! this time we took more exciting rides, unfortunately, my favourite ride was under maintenance.. *sad* this time i changed my favourite ride to bumper cars. this was my first time driving the bumper car on my own as my grandma claimed that it was "dangerous".

we played for the whole day and even forgot about lunch. we got scolded by my grandma.. my dinner for that day was fish and chips. did i mention we had baskin robins for dessert? cookies n cream.... yummy yummy!!!

on the last day of the road trip, we had marrybrown for breakfast and checked out. actually, we were rather tired to stick to our plan of dropping by Malacca on our way back. however, mummy gave in after my endless pleadings.... ta-da.... we were there to eat the chendol and chicken rice balls that was supposedly very famous. i was disappointed when i knew that the chendol was sold out. hmmmm...... at least the chicken rice balls was not. it was my first time eating the chicken rice balls and i found the balls weird. besides eating, we bought lots of tibits home which costed us RM123.20.

before reaching Singapore, we had our last dinner at JB. we had a great feast. well..... end of story. although it was a amazing trip, it certainly deprived me of sleep..... which is my favourite pastime!!!

Ready.... Go!!!

Grrrrr..... T-rex!!!

Roller coaster

My car??? keke....

4D motion monster

Slam-dunk time!!

Wanton noodles

Mac Breakfast

Cookies n Cream

Yummy yummy

Chicken Rice Balls

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010
i want to share with you all about one of my good friend, wen xuan's party. i am only allowed to go to this party because i scored full marks for speed test and lots of begging. the party started at 2 and ended at 8.30. as we had used up the time for playing, so we had to cut cake at 8.30.

it all started when i arrived 30 minutes late. wen xuan and all my other friends escorted me to her house. when i reached her house i we planned to wait for everyone before going to play. one by one all of the friends wen xuan had invited arrived except for tzer yun.

suddenly, she called wen xuan saying that she was at the guardhouse. jed, liang ying, shi hui, jocelin, tao jun, yong le, christine, shu fen,wen xuan and i rush down to fetch tzer yun. on the way to the guardhouse, there was a swimming pool. as we had waited for our friends for quite some time, i got a little bored. so i decided to push jed into the pool. he came up wet and furious because he didn't have a extra shirt or clothing with him. we went to the toilet to dry his clothing with the handdryer. meanwhile, wen xuan and shu fen went to fetch tzer yun. Oops! i forgot to mention that shi hui will be leaving for a while because she is going for tuition. (she will be back later.)

after all this mess, we get to play! we played golf, badminton and watched movies. half way through the fun, christine, jocelin, shufen and i got really hungry. we went up to wen xuan's house and her mum offered us some tibits while waiting for her mum to prepare the food for the barbeque. we also watched Spiderwreck. (don't really know if i spelled correctly.)

after that, the weather change suddenly. it rained! the whole group rush up to wen xuan's house to help her mum to take the food down to the barbeque pit. the shelter at the barbeque pit was small and there is a lot of people there. right next to the barbeque pit, there is a playground which had a roof. so when we finished taking our food, we went right to the roof and eat.

well, we played while we were eating and forgotten to take note of the time. when we finished our food, it was still early. wen xuan asked us whether we wanted to sing karaoke. since we had nothing to do, why not? liang ying was very excited as she wanted to sing justin bieber's songs but too bad they don't have it there... it seems that the tv is spoil or something and it can't list out all of the songs. while we were waiting, we took pictures of one another and chasing each other in the karaoke room.

after a while, the tv is still not fix even wen xuan's dad asked the security guard. somebody found out that it was 8.30 and everyone was shocked. everyone gave up and started to say that their parents would scold if they are not at the guardhouse at 8.30. then came all the phone calls from our family and we explained everything.

everything was ready! wen xuan's mum took out the cake and placed it on the table. we sang "happy birthday" in the fast version. we wolfed down the cakes that wen xuan served us and we went to the guardhouse to wait for our parents.

Happy Belated Birthday wen xuan! hope what you wished come true!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010
hey all! i am back from Beijing! it was fun and interesting learning trip as i know more about ancient china. the places where we visited were places i went when i was young but it is different when you go there with your family and friends. if you had been to china, you may want to go online to search for more information about this country and its rich history. etc. the first emperor of china.

we even made friends at Beijing, zhongguancun No.2 and guess what? they are coming to Singapore at the 12th, 13th and 14th July! i am so looking forward to it!

i didn't take any photos as i didn't take my camera to Beijing. the thing is that my friend lost her camera but it didn't happen to me!

on the last day at zhongguancun No.2, coincidentally, it was their children's day! we sang for them, hoping they will feel our sincerity and like the song. we even exchange souvenirs. still thinking what to buy for them when they visit Singapore... if you have a good idea, please key in you idea at the gossip box.

actually, i don't really think that this trip has anything special just that i went there with my school and made friends with some China pupils. that's was something different when you don't get to do when you go china without school.

we also purchase goods at the shopping mall but this mall is a lot different as we can bargain there.so i bought a Man United jersey, 2 shirts for myself, 2 pouches and 2 panda soft toy for my buddies. i didn't buy any shirt for mummy as i had forgotten her size.

after all the fun and freedom we had without our parents, home sweet home... it's kind of sad to go home but missed mummy and grandparents!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010
dear all,

i am going to beijing tomorrow and looking forward to the trip... i have packed my luggage and ready to board the plane!!!

most importantly, mummy bought me a luggage specially for this trip. it is red in colour and 24 inch in size. it is the first time having my own luggage as i had always been sharing with my grandmother whenever we go overseas.

i am excited as this is the first time i am travelling with school and kia joo is my room-mate!!!!! most of the places we are going to go are places where i went when i was a kid but i will still enjoy it.

i will updates you guys when i get back from this trip!!!!

warmest regards,

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Friday, April 2, 2010
hey there everybody! i want to share with you guys what had happened to my new friend - 'Sam'. (the name was changed to protect her real identity)


one fateful day, she went to buy her contact lens. we dropped her at the bus stop near the optical shop. later on, a bus came behind us. we had no choice but to move to the car park opposite. it was quite far so we could not see her and she could not see us too.
when she was done, she stood at the original place where we dropped her. we did not know that she was waiting for us. then, came a white car, which stopped right in front of her (DIRECTLY in front of her). by the way, our car is also white!!
she opened the door and stepped into the car. She said ' 你怎么知道我来了? ' as she buckled her seatbelt. As she turned to the driver, he was waving frantically at her. GUESS WHAT? the driver was an Indian guy!!

the bus stop was full of people. she jumped out of the car immediately and pretended to use her iPhone. she said an auntie was seen laughing at her. meanwhile, zoom zoom uncle thought that she would be ready so he went to the bus stop to look for her.
zoom zoom uncle and her came back to the car giggling about something. we were very curious so we asked about what had happened. that was when we both burst out laughing when she told us the whole story (laughed till tummy pain and tears rolled).
the problem is, she cannot really differentiate between a Mitsubishi and a Subaru!!! :P

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Thursday, February 4, 2010
have you ever felt sympathise for the elderly? well, i do. so i decided to help them by giving them free gifts for Chinese new year. this voluntary work was organised by our Indian chief - dong dong uncle. we went all the way to Chinatown block 5 to help out and we were supposed to wear black for the day. but don't the elders think that black is bad luck?

when we reached there, we were looking for dong dong uncle but he was late AGAIN.

after a hard time waiting in the sun, the "gifts" finally arrived. we "threw" all the goodies into the lift and sent it up to the 3rd floor while we took the stairs. the goodies bags contain eggs, fruits and many more. we were supposed to send the gifts to everyone staying in block 5. hence, we have a mini lucky draw to see the units which we have to to delivery. guess what floor we are going to deliver to? #08-80. that was really a lucky pick!!

we got to the unit and pressed the doorbell but no one answered. we waited and waited then an old man opened the door. i guessed he was in the washroom. he seemed very happy to receive the goodies. then, we went back to the 3rd floor again to find an old lady and an old man. we decided to help one each. i helped the old lady while my mummy helped the old man. mummy was going to the 20 floor and i was gong to the 4th floor. the gift bag was very heavy.... about 3kg? i was not too sure.

i was carrying a 3kg gift bag while the old lady was walking slowly..... opened the door slowly..... and pushed the door slowly..... COME ON!!!! MY ARMS ARE BREAKING!!!! i quickly left the gift bag on her kitchen table and left.

while on the way down to 3rd floor, i met ah yi and biao yi zhang. they were amazed that i actually delivered the bag on my own. ha ha.... I can do it too ok!!!

when everyone returned, we took a group photo. don't you feel good when you did something nice to people around you? well, i believe in what goes around comes around. maybe someday something good will happen to me. hee hee hee.....

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Friday, January 22, 2010
this post is late.... because i was busy with my schoolwork. Everything is so chaotic during the first few weeks of school.

i would like to share how i spent my birthday. although it was not my dream party but I have learnt to appreciate.

this was a surprise party. when mummy brought me to united square, i smelt something fishy because we went there like less than a week ago. However, i tried very hard to act blur. Ha ha.....

well, mummy is not familiar with united square so she asked directions from someone working in one of the shops, "where is Swensens?". immediately, suspicion filled my mind. I was asking myself, why would mummy bring me to Swensens when she did not know the place? i was thinking of a reason while mummy held my hand and dragged me into the lift.

suddenly, the answer popped up in my mind. it was my birthday!!! Could it be a surprise party? a cheeky smile appeared on my face.

mummy saw my smile and asked, "what's up with that smile?"

i replied, "nothing much..." but there was another question, who would be attending the party?

i was going to find out soon as i made a sharp left turn. unexpectedly, i saw Winnie sitting at the table alone... i had confirmed that this was surely a party that was organized for me. i felt very honoured.

one by one, the people came. after all the waiting, everyone was finally sitted at the tables..... Zac, Hui ling, Berlinda, Peili, Sharon, Madeline, Anna and Winnie.

we each ordered our favourite food. i ordered my all time favourite - SALMON. i waited and waited and waited (x100). the service was slow, i meant VERY slow.... disappointing. my stomach was growling louder at the count of every minute. i thought the waiter will hear my growling soon. just when i was going to burst my anger, the food finally came. the waiter was lucky to get away with that!!!

once i brought the salmon into my mouth, my anger vanished into thin air. THE SALMON WAS DELICIOUS!!! i love it.... i wolfed down the food quickly while enjoying the taste.

after the foodie period, i wanted to open one of the presents. i decided to open Zac's present. guess what? it is a uno stacko and a set of uno cards. i got a pencil case filled with candies from Maddy.

it was a memorable birthday for me. i understood that it is not about how you celebrate it but it is all about enjoying yourself.

Shannon Lim typed @ 6:20 PM

Shannon Lim
I'm 10 this year :)
I love Milo the dog.




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